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triquetra-c-1aIndependent, buy-side, long-term (10 year historic), fundamental equity research reports.

We specialize in unbiased, objective & critical thinking.

Stock coverage includes large cap., US TMT stocks.    (See coverage list on the right.)

Our analysis is used by hedge funds, asset managers, private bankers & investors for:

  • Stock picking  
  • Background company research
  • Tracking company performance

Indigo US Macro Investment Outlook  (free stuff)

-  Designed to fail. This ship is sinking.  pdf icon   (Feb 2016) 

-  Shuffling deck chairs with Dr. Strangelove  pdf icon   (June 2015) 


We provide equity research reports & financial analysis on a consultancy or retainer basis. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.  

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Our analysis is unique as it provides 10 year financial analysis of quarterly results & industry analysis; as well as investment thesis & SWOT analysis, key industry themes, business model, strategy, management, Board, significant recent events ...  In addition, we adjust the reported financial results to focus on core operations, by eliminating unusual or exceptional items, any M&A, ....

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Being independent, our views are frequently contrarian.  

In addition, an objective of Indigo reports is to save investors the time & effort of doing the research & analysis themselves; such as reading the Annual Report, SEC reports (10-Q, 10-K), company presentations ....  

Indigo typically updates its equity research after the release of updated Q financial results by companies covered.